Standard C1: Adheres to professional ethical standards
Standard C2: Fosters effective communication
Standard C3: Fosters positive relationships within the learning community
Standard C4: Demonstrates service to the learning community
Standard C5: Commits to ongoing professional learning

Standard C1

Adheres to professional ethical standards
Benchmarks that a teacher has successfully met this standard:

1. Honors human dignity
2. Models and encourages respect for intellectual and cultural values
3. Models and encourages integrity, responsibility and moral action
Shortly after the Sichaun earthquake, I posted the following on my school blog along with the widget for people to donate to Myanmar. Because of my blog post, several new teachers and current parents donated to the people in the region. I like to think that I did a small part in encouraging human dignity, respect for cultural values, and responsibility for moral action.

May 20 Update: If you would like to donate money to the Chengdu region, please send money into school with your child. The middle school office will be collecting money and sending it to the Red Cross Society of China.
burma.jpgWhile students were away on China Alive, our school began pulling efforts together on both campuses to raise funds for Myanmar. SAS is receiving frequent updates from the school director at the International School of Yangon which outline the efforts that their school community is taking part in for the people of Myanmar. In his last message to us he sent the following information:

Right now we are running truckloads of food, water, medicine to monasteries, orphanages and schools in the delta. Though foreigners are not allowed, our local staff can make deliveries when accompanied by a monk to clear roadblocks. We have about forty students shopping, packing and loading trucks. Money is often difficult to bring into Myanmar so we are working with a local NGO managed by one of our parents. Funds are needed to continue the effort. - Director International School Yangon

Note to your right on my blog is a Myanmar relief widget that is tracking our donations. Please click on the widget if your are interested in donating as every little bit helps. Together, we can make a difference. All funds will be directed through the International Development Enterprises which is run out of the UK and is the NGO mentioned above.Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Myanmar.If you would like to link this page to your blog or copy the information, you are welcome to do so. Thank you for those that already have done so. Please know that we are making additional efforts for the people devastated by the Chengdu earthquake and I will post information as soon as it becomes available.

4. Models and encourages emotional wellness, care, compassion and commitment to the learning community
5. Develops relationships with students, colleagues and parents that are based on trust, empathy, fairness and honesty
Comments from the parent survey included the following:

Standard C2

Fosters effective communication
Benchmarks that a teacher has successfully met this standard:

1. Communicates in a timely manner with students, colleagues, and parents
Via email, I respond to parent and student requests within 24 hours. I respond to colleagues immediately simply because of the proximity.

2. Communicates in a clear, respectful and appropriate manner.
I try to lead my professional interactions by assuming best intent in all communications. Whether the communications be via email, in person or on the phone, I strive to be respectful and clear at all times.

Standard C3

Fosters positive relationships within the learning community
Benchmarks that a teacher has successfully met this standard:

1. Cultivates a professional working relationship with colleaguesCIMG8459.JPG
My relationship with my math teaching partner this year has been amazing. We share resources, ideas, and concerns freely all while motivating each other to be successful and do our best for kids. I believe that cultivating relationships such as these make me a better teacher because of the sharing and collegiality.

2. Establishes and maintains relationships with parents and students to support growth and development
At the beginning of the year, I sent a letter to each parent requesting a note back in A Million Words or Less about their child. These essays taught me so much about my students and allowed me to see them through their parents eyes. My relationship with parents started on a positive note and my interactions with them for the rest of the school year have been positive and supportive because of our initial interactions.

3. Demonstrates dedication in their care and commitment to students.
I am a teacher who happens to be teaching math. I say this because my first priority is to teach the child - not math. This encompasses teaching the whole child and cultivating my relationship with them. Because I was out on maternity leave, I was unable to attend the bonding day at the beginning of the school year and later unable to attend China Alive. But this did not stop my strong desire to build the relationship with my kids. I took advantage of every opportunity possibly to build the relationship. Whether it be through HOT or through bike tours around the Links, I treasure the relationship I have with my kids.

4. Supports SAS vision, mission, core values and EAGLES
The Student Led Conferences at Pudong Middle School were centered around SAS' vision, mission, core values and EAGLES. The EAGLES especially became a part of the 8th grade vocabulary this year because of our attention to them in our core classes, advisory classes and electives.

Standard C4

Demonstrates service to the learning community
Benchmarks that a teacher has successfully met this standard: 2008-06-10_0829.png

1. Participates in community events, student activities and/or school improvement initiatives
During this school year I acted as the school wide Atlas Coordinator. As the Atlas Coordinator I have setup over 420 individual accounts this school year and maintained over 2600 maps/classes. I also created an email account for teachers to receive immediate assistance with their Atlas accounts. To date I have received 450 requests for assistance through the Atlas email account.

I also served on the Math Task Force this school year where we redesigned the 8th grade math program to better meet the needs of our learning community.

2. Demonstrates involvement in student life and co-curriculum activities
The Advisory program in the 8th grade this year allowed us to be involved in student life outside of our content areas by promoting the EAGLES values and by giving us the opportunity to plan cross-curricular activities. I was very involved in the student life of students through my assistance in planning Student Led Conferences. I created a Student Led Conferecing Map in the ATLAS system with contained all of the avaiable resources I created for SLCs and the team continued to use these resources with students in their every day lives.