Shanghai American School organized a Performance Evaluation Committee comprised of teachers and administrators in which performance based standards and benchmarks were created as an evaluation tool for educators. During the 2007-2008 school year, teachers were given the option to participate in a pilot project centered around the newly created performance standards. The expectation is for all teachers to provide evidence of achieving each benchmark within a three year cycle.

About Amanda DeCardy

Amanda is a National Board of Professional Teachers Standards Certified teacher who created this portfolio while working as an 8th grade math teacher at Shanghai American School, Pudong campus. Amanda is an Apple Distinguished Educator, an Apple Professional Development Consultant and has recently started her doctoral studies in the area of Instructional Technology and Distance Education. She has worked in international schools in China, Saudi Arabia and Japan, serving as a classroom teacher, a Professional Development Coordinator, an ATLAS Coordinator and next school year will serve as a Technology Integrationist. Ms. DeCardy has presented at EARCOS and NESA conferences on math problem solving, differentiated instruction and integrating technology in the math classroom. Ms. DeCardy has taught graduate coursework through California State University - Northridge focusing on Assessment for Learning techniques across the curriculum. Her writings can be found on her three blogs, Some Tech Sense, Maddie's Minute. and Amelia's Moments.

Annual Summary Evaluation - Professional Standards and Benchmarks

A - Effective Planning and Preparation
B - Instruction and Assessment
C - Professional Responsibilities
D - Learning Environment

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